~Georgia & Cupcake~

Georgia and Cupcake were adopted by lucky 'little' mummies. They were both made with all the usual attention to detail, so they could be reborns for children. Reborns can be made more affordable by painting their hair instead of micro-rooting with mohair. I generally stick with smaler more affordable kits as full size babies are hardwork for children. Children (recommend over 6 years) who really like dolls tend to handle them gently because they look so real. They can be dressed and redressed, (& nappied and re-nappied) without a worry. My daughter adores her reborns and loves to show them off to her jealous friends when they visit. She usually just pops them away in my room if she doesnt like how her friends handle her "babies". Read my blog on reborn dolls for children by going to the menu on the left.

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