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Custom orders

If I have no suitable babies available then I can make you a custom baby.

You can choose the sculpt, baby’s hair and eye colour and details. I can make customs to look like the prototype or from photos but once the kit, hair colour, complexion, markings have been agreed I cannot guarantee that the baby will look exactly like the baby in the picture.

I have made reborns from pictures for mums that have lost their babies and while I am happy to help with a reborn that resembles your precious one, but, I will not match faithfully colouring in pictures of deceased babies (and I do understand how precious these pictures are).

I can assist with picking a kit as necessary. See below

 Custom order prices for dolls made to your specifications start from $280 Au plus cost of purchasing kit + postage (for a child’s doll with painted head) to $450 Au plus cost of purchasing kit for a doll with baby style rooted head.

Long hair, toddlers, large heads, body plates, full bodies, glass eyes, very very sparce newboon rooting etc cost extra. 

A full specification, price and approx timeframe will be agreed up front. I often have a waiting list and a deposit is required to hold a place on the list.

Layby is accepted and photos are provided after painting and upon completion of hair.

Customer service

We have been an active ebayer for many years and have over 210 (and growing) positive feedback's from happy customers and sellers because we sell good items, we are honest, and we stand behind our customer service. Our product descriptions are accurate.

Please have a look at my eBay feedback – user name aussie-pro. I believe in serving you - the customer - and if you are delighted with your purchase please let us know and everyone else know. If you are not happy in anyway, please let me know as a priority. I will help.

If you have any questions at all please email me from my site.

Choosing a Sculpt

Have a look at my extensive list of goergeous kits that I have for sale and kits I hold only for custom orders.  Alternatively I can reborn a sculpt you already own or another scuplt you have seen in real life or on the internet. (provided it is available for sale and I can buy it)

There are a lot of options around when it comes to choice of what you would like your custom reborn  to look like. The first step is to choose the blank sculpt. These are the vinyl parts (head, legs and arms) and come in a kit and usually costs between $50 and $120.  Limitted edition kits can sell for $250 or even $400 if in high demand. So the choice of kit can have a big impact on the final price of the reborn./p>

When choosing a sculpt for a custom order I suggest not initially worrying about hair or eye colour or if the pictures of the kit are of a boy or a girl (most sculpts can be made either sex) but rather:

1. Deciding the approximate size you want (newborn, 3 months, premmie)

2. Deciding if you want open or closed eyes, then

3. Deciding which sculpt appeals to you by looking at pictures of reborns created by other artists. There are many sites in the US that sell scuplts (google "reborn supplies'). Try not to be too influenced by the hair and eye choice in the pictures. Concentrate more on the facial features, details on hands and feet, realism etc.

4. Make sure the cost of the chosen sculpt is aligned to your budget.

There is no cost for discussions about specifications and possible sculpts however if you want me to make a baby that is a close match to a real baby in a photo I may seek a fee for a detailed and lengthy kit finding.

After you have chosen a sculpt I can can make the hair and eyes to as close as possible to match your requirments and paint the sculpt as a boy or a girl.

After deciding on a scuplt, hair and eyes, I will provide you with a quote and timeframe. If this aligns with your expectations I will require a deposit as follows:

Before I buy the kit- cost of kit plus postage
After painting completed further $100 (I will send pictures to ensure you are happy)*
After hair completed I will send pictures of the completed reborn and request final payment.

Baby will be sent once full payment has been made.

** note if you request a specific/unusual colour of mohair, that I do not have in stock, I may request a futher payment for the mohair.

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