Genesis heat set paints premix set of 9+ 1 extra thinning medium+tips and links

1/3 ounce or small which is about 6g

  • vein blue,
  • baby skin,
  • warm mottle,
  • cool mottle/lip/nail,
  • eyelid purple,
  • nail tip,
  • brow brown,
  • air dry gloss,
  • matt varnish
  • Special extra: genesis thinning medium

  • Hints and tips for beginners from me

Paints are premixed just for reborning, color by number and permanent once heat set. They are very concentrated- a little goes a very long way. Enough paint for many dolls.

Great set for beginners

Small size paints

Link to instructions included and a list of hints/ tips from me.

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