In addition to the reborn doll kits on the previous page the I have following reborn doll kits.

These are my favourite kits and would love to reborn them for someone special who thinks they are lovely too or may sell them for reborning by others.. Email me for a price.
It can be difficult to pick a kit due to too much choice. When picking kits for a custom baby- first decide if you want open or closed eyes..

Then choose the size.  The Villanova babies are big. The rest are mainly newborn or big premmie size (18-21 inches).

Cost can play a factor as well.

Most kits can be reborn as a girl or a boy.

All the pictures below are from the kit prototypes and show how the completed kit could look.

Remember you get to pick the hair and eye colour so you have to ignore that in the pictures if you would prefer an alternative. Custom orders generally take a minimum of 2 months, are paid for in installments. A quote can be provided when a kit is chosen.


Will by Natalie Scholl incl belly plate- brother to famous Jayden LE,  one left



Lucy by Tina Kewy

Grace by Tina Kewy

Twins - Elias by Tina Kewy and Caroline by Tina Kewy



Max by Gudrun Legler Limited edition

Audrey Adrie stoete

Felicia Adrie Stoete



Baby Bon by Bonnie Brown

Bella Villanova

Jazmin by Sandy Faber

  • Analisa, Villanova, 24mm eyes, 24-26 inch,big girl- LE 300
  • Noah by Reva Schick


I also have

  • Naimh Donnaly and
  • Bailey Scholl


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