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Handmade clothes (OOAK) for Reborn Babies.

I always loved to dress my son and daughter in simple dresses with generous widths and lengths and made of pure cottons and silk when they were small babies. So soft and gentle on their delicate skin! In my mind nothing matches a simple white dress made of swiss voille and cotton laces.

I have been making dolls clothes (for barbie) and real clothes since I was 10 when I got my first sewing machine- a peddle singer.

My Grandmother was a reputed seamstress that specialized in invisible repairs and owned a small haberdashery in the city centre and I inherited her love of working with fabrics.

When I had my son my mother gave to me the dresses that my grandmother had made for us as babies. All were simple, crisp, handmade dresses with French seams, some gathering, some smocking, some lace, some hand embroidery, some machine embroidery. The care and attention in the handwork is breathtaking.

I found that 'off the shelf' baby clothes cannot match this quality and beauty. Also they often don't fit reborns well- the neck is often too big. The beauty is that for reborns, crushing of fabric and burping up milk is not a concern, and they don't outgrow their outfits- so you can dress them up and not worry!

My vision for ten pink toes dresses is to guarantee that the same dress will not be produced in the same colour fabric and trim so that each item is unique, one of a kind.

I intend to stick with pure cotton and silk and not use synthetic fabric. I also will focus on quality and details to ensure the inside is as beautiful as the outside.

Dresses will be gathered, smocked, with lace and embroidery, Swiss insertions or 'heritage' style. The dresses that I sell with my reborns match this version unless otherwise stated.

Occasionally dresses will be available here for sale- but because they are time consuming to make and not mass produced, the intention is to make them mainly for the dolls I sell.

I will generally be able to make a custom dress set on request.

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