~'Rose'by Adrie Stoete- Now 'Aleah Macey' adopted by Ashleigh of Albany Creek, Brisbane~


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Born: July 2011
Sculpt: Rose by Adrie Stoete(fantastic detail)
Premmie 19 inches
Pale blonde hair and lashes
pink suede body

This little sleeper is just darling. So real looking. She has a simple peaches and cream complexion and
sparse curly hair (made from rooting premium slumberland mohair). She looks like she will wake any
moment and have a little yawn. 

This sculpt has fabulous detail. (will include handmade white knitted dress and booties,
sleeper, id bracelet, wrap, care instructions, birth certificate, favorite toy.)

This little darling won best doll at the Samford show 2010.

She will be carefully wrapped
and presented for her journey
home to her new mum.

All photos are unedited in natural light.

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