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I have a great range of reborn doll kits/supplies that are offered for sale as shown below (my home is smoke free).  To buy just 'contact me'.  

Postage details are at the bottom of the page.  Payment can be made via paypal or bank transfer, or cash if you wish to pick up (Samford, Brisbane, Australia).

I usually can also make any of these kits below into a starter kit with what you need to get you started to make a reborn baby starting at about $135 plus kit and body.

I can also custom make any of these kits into a reborn baby for you (or another kit of your choice)- see the heading on left "Custom orders & customer service"

Reborn doll kits for sale     Genesis paints     Artists Brushes  

 More reborn doll kits



Genesis heat set paints premix set of 9 +1 extra-  third ounce $50

Paints are permanent once heat set, a little goes avery long way.


Link to instructions included and a list of hints /tips for beginners from me.

 These are the tings I wish someone had told me.

Artist's brushes

I recommend the use of only high quality Loew-Cornell paint brushes for rebornning. Propper Maxine Mop brushes are only available from Loew-Cornell and other mops just dont do the job. I recommend you get the set of 5 which have an extra mop brush so that you can use one wet and one dry for removing excess paint

Set 1-  4 high quality Loew-Cornell artist's brushes- $24

Maxine's Oval Mop Brush - 1/2 inch, Golden Taklon #0 Liner, Golden Taklon #10/0 Liner, Golden Taklon #2 Shader 


Set 2-  5 high quality Loew-Cornell artist's brushes- $31 (2 off 1/2 in mops)

 Set 3 - 5 high quality Loew-Cornell artist's brushes- $36 (incl extra 3/4 inch mop)


Reborn doll kits


Megan by Pat Moulton, 16 inches when completed, with body, $75

FOR PICTURES ON THIS DOLL KIT please "click here".
[Please note, page opens in a new window]


Jonathon by Adrie Stoete , 21 inches $90

Frankie by Adrie Stoete- $80- limited edition 

Jill by Adrie Stoete-$115

Hattie by Cassie Peak-$120


Adam by Angela Harris, - $90 each

Fleur kit by Sheila Michaels, 18 inch baby $100.


Lea, reborn doll kit by Petra Seiffert, sleeper, twin to Lana 17in 3/4, LE 250 $100


Hanna by Reva Schick- 20 inches full legs $100

Kara, reborn doll kit by Manuela Muth, sleeper, 19 in3/4 , $80

Tessa by Didy Jacobsen, 19 inches, 18mm eyes- $80

Trinity Grace reborn doll kit , by Linda Smith , sleeper, 19 inch, le 150 $90

Chase, Cheryl Webber LE, 18-20 inches $ 95

Lina by  Mel de Man, 18 inches when completed, $80

Coco by Natalie Blick- girl kit- full body vinyl, LE kit, sold out, 19 inches when completed, $190 . The kit includes: head,, arms and legs, full body female torso, connectors and instructions and certificate of authenticity with the number 

Lucinda, Villanova, 22mm, 20 inch, Le 300 $125


Note- Bodies usually avalailable (at extra cost) unless states it is included


Postage in Au is $15 for one kit and $18 for 2 (tracked).

I will post worldwide registered  for actual costs . For overseas buyers if you buy 2 or more kits I will discount the actual postage by $10.


FOR MORE REBORN DOLL KITS please "click here".
[Please note, page opens in a new window]

Email me to enquire or order now

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