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The below babies have new families and have been adopted.
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Nina by Gudrun Legler

Premmie Custom Megan by Pat Moulton now Melody

Lovely Meg by Marissa May now Hannah

Cameron- full body kit

Anna by Manuela Muth


Cianne by Romie Strydom

Charlotte- Landon by Tamie Yarie

"Julie"- Rose by Adrie Stoete

"Lolly "- Josie by Tasha Enderholm

"Landon"- Joey by Tasha Enderholm

"Antonia- Maria"- Robin by Adrie Stoete

"Stella"- Stella by Melody Hess

Reborn Jayden by Natalie Scholl

"Cassidy Elise"- Jordon by Adrie Stoete

"Aleaha macey"- Rose by Adrie Stoete

Reborn Morgan by Aleina Peterson

"Laura" - Trinity







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